To Get Top 11 Websites Like Putlocker

Websites Like Putlocker: Today the Millenials and most other generations are more inclined to binge-watch their favourite shows, rather than waiting for when they are telecasted on network TV. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the upcoming Disney + can be seen as the main drivers of the changing preferences of the people because they release the entire show at once on their platforms as opposed to one episode after the another after daily or weekly gaps between the episodes, as is done by TV networks around the world. Many online movie streaming websites have gained popularity because of the changing preferences of the people at large, and one such website is Potlocker.

Websites Like Putlocker

Websites Like Putlocker
Websites Like Putlocker

Potlocker’s soaring popularity prompted some of the biggest service providers to block access to it and that has left internet users searching for a suitable alternative to Potlocker ever since. Thankfully for them, this piece has been put together which will enlist the top 7 websites like putlocker for the perusal of all our readers.

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  1. SOLARMOVIE – Currently regarded as one of the best alternatives to Putlocker, this website’s content repository is very rich and free of cost. It is as rich as Putlocker in terms of content, if not more. Further, since it is completely free, it has naturally gained a large legion of fans in little or no time. The content is rich, designs are polished and the entire experience is very user-friendly. You get to see a list of the movies that are trending as soon as you get on the website, along with the number of views and average ratings for you to make the most informed decision for yourself.


  1. NITER – This website gives a feel that reminds many of its users of Netflix. The site has lesser advertisements in comparison to its counterparts. All the content is free and there is no charge of membership at any time, which has naturally made it a great alternative to Putlocker. Further, you don’t even need to log in to stream the content which substantially adds to the effortless convenience facilitated by this site. The only failing of this site is perhaps its a dark theme which makes it somewhat tricky to navigate through the options and from one page to the other. It is a very good option for users who predominantly watch to watch shows coming out from North America, where for shows coming out from other areas, there might be better alternatives out there.


  1. 123 Movies – Arguably one of the better-looking sites among all the alternatives that have been mentioned or will be mentioned, this site has a very rich library of content, which can easily cater to just about anyone’s preferences and tastes. Right from some of the popular TV shows and movies of our times to cartoon to Asian drama, this site has something for everyone and there’s every chance you will find what you are looking for on this streaming site, no matter how diverse your tastes maybe. This site has slightly fewer chances of ending up in the same predicament as Putlocker because no content is actually hosted on its server and content is provided by non-affiliated third parties, hence some semblance of legality is ensured by this online streaming site which augurs well for the owners and promoters along with its vast legion of users.


  1. Primewire – This extremely popular streaming website is appreciated and favoured by many individuals for its diverse and extensively rich range of options. Whether you are a fan of horror, thrillers, rom-com’s, comedy, documentaries, there’s a fair chance that you will everything that you are looking for on this streaming site. Its outdated layout is one of its major failings but doesn’t deter the users much, because the content on offer is diversely rich and the libraries are updated with the latest releases, almost constantly. It’s well and truly a treasure trove for all binge-watching addicts and aficionados alike and its popularity is expected to go from strength to strength in the times to come, as it shapes up to be the most potent alternative to Putlocker.

Popcorn Time

  1. Popcorn Time – This streaming site is appreciably very different from all the alternatives that have been mentioned till or will be mentioned after this. In terms of the interface and content repository, it is different and arguably much better than the other alternatives. This streaming site is also available as Windows software and also as an app that the users can use to stream their favourite shows and movies on-the-go. This app is very small in size which makes it very convenient and easy to install and it is one of the best platforms to stream content. The movies and TV shows and all content on this site are provided from other platforms and the content remains completely free like all the other alternatives that have been mentioned. The site has a near-perfect user experience, the quality of the content is beyond impressive and the quantity is simply staggering. It is recommended and you should try this streaming site at the earliest.


  1. Megashare – The content available on this fairly diverse where you get fresh and trending content for different demographics, from different countries. Its interface is more organized and superior to most other alternatives and further, the content is superbly categorized in alphabetical orders and according to different genres. Thus, people using this site don’t need to needlessly wrack their brains to find a movie because it is so well organized. It is one of the main reasons why this site enjoys such a massive fan following among its users and the fact that the site is very aesthetically pleasing also works in its favour.


  1. FMovies – Last but not the least, this site is a treasure trove for Hollywood fans as it possesses a very rich and enviably extensive collection of movies, coming from the most popular movie-making industry in the world. As with other alternatives mentioned earlier, you can enjoy an extensive array of content on this site, absolutely free of cost. Content is available in different categories, different genres as well as different geographical locations (countries). The user experience sure leaves a lot to be desired but the range of choices available on this free site, more than compensates for it. The ads can be a major annoyance at times but if you can look through it, then FM Movies is recommended for you and may you have a good time in binge-watching your favourite shows and movies that are available on this site.

Wrapping Up

In a different place, in a different time, putlocker was one of the best streaming sites. But change is inevitable and sometimes change isn’t for the good. Due to a lot of reasons, Putlocker had to change to different domains and is just not what it used to be in the past. But the show must go on and hence this piece was put together to enlist top 7 sites like putlocker so that the binge-watchers don’t slow down on their binging sprees, just because one of the top streaming sites went unstable. The alternatives mentioned above have all their strengths and weakness but they are fairly effective and there is every chance that you can find an alternative best suited for your interests and requirements.

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