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Ram Mandir results from LIVE news: After a long time Ayodhya Verdict Case in resolve today. Bringing down curtains on the Ram mandir-Babri Masjid issue is one of the longest-running title disputes in India.

Firstly, The Allahabad High Court had set a three-way division of the disputed land in 25, but the ruling failed to convince the parties involved in the dispute, the Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara and Ram Lalla. All three went to the Supreme Court.

Ram Mandir Latest News

Ram Mandir Latest News
Ram Mandir Latest News

The Supreme Court has given the entire disputed 2.77-acre land to the Hindu parties. And Supreme court also said that trust to be formed by the Centre Government within three months to monitor the construction of a Ram Temple. A 5 acre “fair” plot will be given to Sunni Waqf Board in the city, the Supreme Court announced today in a landmark judgment of the decade-old land dispute case. A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled in the unanimous verdict.

The Ayodhya title suit verdict came nine years after the 2:1 judgment of the Allahabad High Court. And also order that a 3-way division of the disputed 2.77 acres of land between the 3 parties — Ram Lalla, Sunni Waqf Board, and the Nirmohi Akhara. The Lucknow Bench ruled that Hindus and Muslims would receive the joint title of the disputed land.

PM MODI react on Ram mandir result

Ayodhya verdict “will strengthen people’s faith in the judicial process”. “The Hon’ble Supreme Court has ruled on the Ayodhya issue. However, this verdict should not be viewed as victory or loss for anyone. Whether it is Ram Bhakti or Rahim Bhakti, we must strengthen the spirit of state devotion. May peace and harmony prevail!” PM Modi tweeted.

Home Minister Amit Shah welcomed the verdict and said that the order would “strengthen India’s unity, integrity and great culture”.

History Is Being Written, Says PM Modi in evening

The 130 crore citizens of the country accepted Today’s historic date and judgment is artificial. It is not taken from the pages of history, but rather by the present life of the country, writes Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “It is gratifying that the verdict has come unanimously,” he said. Today is also a golden chapter in the history of the Indian judiciary, says PM Modi

The Sunni Central Waqf Board react on Ram Mandir Result

After that, the Sunni Central Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh has expressed satisfaction with the ruling. Muslim party lawyer Zafariab Jilani said, “We think it is unfair. We cannot consider this trial. We are not criticizing all parts of the trial.” This has been termed this will hold a meeting and will make a review petition.

Congress Says Verdict Closes Doors For Ram Mandir Result

Similarly, The Congress party has said that the Supreme Court decision was taken with respect to all beliefs and beliefs.

After that, Explaining the decision to grant this controversial site for a temple, the court said that an archaeological survey in India. SC has found evidence that the sixteenth-century mosque of the Mughal Emperor Babar was not built on empty land.

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