4 Places you Can Use a High Bay Light

High bay light is a special type of light that is usually appropriate for large outdoor spaces, spaces that are vast and do cover a lot of vertical as well as horizontal space. Such kinds of spaces require powerful lightning to adequately illuminate the space.

High bay lightning is placed by hanging them in the ceiling with hooks or chains, they can also be fixed directly. This can be done easily without much hassle from the electrician just that it requires one to use a high object as a leverage to reach the heights.

High bay lights are very powerful and so may consume a lot more energy than the usually lights, though high bay lights might require the use of reflectors to fully illuminate the vertical surfaces.

High bay lights can be used in places like warehouses, sport facilities, factories, storage facilities etc. It can be used anywhere that needs maximum illumination.

Below are 5 places you can use a high bay light:
1. Warehouses – warehouses are one of the main places that needs a high bay light setup, due to the fact that the huge shelf’s containing stocks makes it difficult for the whole space to have an even distribution of light.

There are so many versions of the high bay light to choose from when deciding on what to buy for your warehouse. Because wherever these lights are assembled, they work 24 hours so they are a good choice because of their lower running and maintenance cost. It also uses only about half of the fraction of power.

2. Industries – industries is another location where the use of high bay light is very popular. Due to the fact that all manufacturing locations require safety and so many quality concerns, the high bay light remains the best choice.

High bay lights are 3 times brighter than the normal conventional lights. By using the high bay lights in an industry, it will be one of the best investment decisions because they will last a lifetime. The 150watt high bay light are the most suitable.

3. Garage Light – Garage is another location which requires the use of a high bay light, you can also use the 150watt high bay light in the garage too for maximum efficiency.

You can use both the florescent and LED for the garage. High bay lightning can be used in any type of garage. Before building a garage, make sure that the height from the top to the bottom is above 20 feet.

4. Large Retail Space – large retail spaces are places like the wall mart, ShopRite or any other similar malls around the world. High bay lights are needed in such environment because of the need to have a total viewing of the retail space especially when moving stocks from one shelf to the other.

For security purposes also, having the high bay light in the retail shop is needed for maximum security and also for customers to be able to move around and identify the product they are looking for.

These are 4 places you are sure to find high bay lights and even if it’s not available in such locations, it is highly needed and should be purchased.

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