PCB assembly with the help of copper clad boards

In the present day and age, the presence of PCBs or printed circuit boards is ubiquitous and there is no modern electronic equipment exists that does not have printed circuit board installed in it. From washing machines to dish washers to space shuttles, printed circuit boards are present everywhere. In the year 1936, Austrian engineer Paul Eisler invented the PCB as a part of a radio set, ever since then his invention is used in nearly all electronic devices.

In this write up we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of copper clad boards for printed circuit boards:

Making use of copper clad boards is one of the most economical manners to create prototype printed circuit boards and for PCB board assembly. A copper clad board is a coat of insulative substrate (more often than not fiberglass & epoxy) as well as copper, which is employed to make Printed Circuit Board tracks which unite elements of a circuit etched to it. They are pretty economical, and they could be prepared into expert looking boards with the help of plain household materials.


Economical: Making your board by means of a copper clad is more often than not more economical as compared to ordering a prototype batch from a fabricator, seeing that they frequently charge an establishment fee or base cost that when purchasing a big volume is not an issue because it stands for a little percentage of by and large order, nonetheless whilst purchasing 1 or 2 boards it could be as much as 10 times the price of a copper clad, additionally shipping.

Quick: Ordering from a fabricator could consume a long time. The majority of orders are shipped in 5 to 6 days for the fundamental shipping alternative, nonetheless in case you require a board quick you could anticipate to pay pretty a lot more, and it still consumes 2 or 3 days to turn up. Creating a board by means of a copper clad is extremely quick, particularly when you already possess the materials required at home or in the laboratory.

Custom-made: Designing your own copper clad boards possesses the awesome benefit of making custom-made shapes & sizes, thing which most fabricators cannot (or will not) carry out, or would charge excessive fees. This provides you the suppleness to create your circuits fit into peculiar shapes, or creating actually small boards.

Disadvantages of making a copper clad into a PCB:

Chemicals: To expand a copper clad into a functional printed circuit board, you are required to work with some acerbic chemicals to get rid of the copper so as to make the tracks which unite the elements.

Employing shielding equipment, functioning in a properly aerated area and appropriate handling can alleviate the dangers; nevertheless disposing of used up chemicals is still a matter of concern.

The procedure: The procedure itself is one of the drawbacks of functioning with copper clads, since you would be working with heat, particular paper & printing of the design in case you employ the trendy toner transfer technique. Given that you would be carrying out it yourself & not employing professional gear, there is a possibility of the toner not moving properly or engraving artifacts that would make that scrupulous board not viable.

Solder mask: Solder mask is that usually green in color lacquer which comprises most commercially created circuit boards. It comprises the copper tracks and facilitates for simpler soldering, particularly in great density boards in which pads (place where elements are etched to the board) are held together.

There are manner to use a solder mask yourself for an expert appearance, nevertheless for prototype circuits which is most of the times merely cosmetic, as the same defense can be attained by tinning the tracks.

Tinning: Without any doubt, tinning of the tracks is another probable disadvantage in case you don’t utilize the solder mask finish. Manual tinning is pretty dull and inclined to bulking, given that you are manually using a layer of tin solder over the tracks. There is a number of chemicals which cover the tracks with a layer of tin, nevertheless they are dangerous and need particular thoughts in use and disposal.

While taking into account utilizing copper clad boards for your project, bear in mind these advantages and disadvantages and choose if making your own board is correct for you. You can also take the services of a professional PCB Fabrication company.

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