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Most of us are required to produce content for different purposes at various stages of life. For instance, students have to work on assignments, term papers and other submissions. A lot of students use different sources to write assignments but they copy information instead of rephrasing it. This is where the problem starts. Information written by someone else belongs to that person so you cannot copy it. The only way to use it is the rephrasing. When you talk about rephrasing, it does not mean altering a few sentences and submitting the remaining content without any changes. Academic advisors are very particular about the contents of assignments so they check each and everything. In other words, if the content of your assignment resembles already published information, it would be rejected without any further consideration. Copying information or plagiarism is not tolerated in any case.

The Usage of a Text Comparison Tool

Benefits of Using Text Compare Tool
Benefits of Using Text Compare Tool

Using digital tools is the talk of today. Not using a quality tool means that you would have to use a manual method. This means reading through each line and then checking whether it resembles the actual source or not. This alternative does work but has several issues attached with it. For instance, when you are getting things done manually, you can expect a lot of time to be required. Efficiency is the other issue which you need to look at. Prepostseo text comparison tool is a technological solution to plagiarism problems. Must Read: Techy Street – The Tech Blog

Key Benefits of Text comparison tool

The use of a quality text comparison tool has several benefits including the following.

  • It is a handy tool for students who need to complete assignments every now and then. Most assignments that student work on are detailed. For instance, when you talk about thesis papers and dissertations, they have a content length of several thousand words. It is hard for students to complete such a large word count on time and then check it for plagiarism as well. With the text compare tool, two documents, URL’s or text chunks can be compared with each other.
  • A text compare tool is a good option for teachers. When you talk about teachers, they have to check and grade several assignments at a time. It is hard for them to go through each assignment and see whether it has copied the content or not. It is not humanly possible to do so. Using a text compare tool works perfectly for them. They compare the assignments of students with actual sources to see whether there is plagiarism or not. Plagiarism is a serious problem and it is penalized on a very serious scale. Thus, teachers have to be sure that they have checked each and everything properly.
  • Text compare tools work well for corporate professionals who have to deliver business presentations. Copying content is obviously not considered a good act by any means. The content used in presentations should be rephrased properly. To get a confirmation that content has not been copied; using a text compare tool is the finest option. It eliminates all the hassle involved in checking the content. Other than that, the proofreading process gets completed in quick time.

Higher efficiency level achieved

There is no room for error when it comes to checking content for duplication. For instance, several students end up with rejected assignments when they submit copied content. When you are checking the content manually, you can always expect mistakes. While checking the errors, you may skip things unintentionally. The problem starts when advisors check the paper. They do not skip anything and each mistake is identified. As compared to manual checking, using a text compare tool is a much better alternative.

Prepostseo text compare tool is highly dependable

There is a lot of difference between using a text compare tool and using a dependable one. There are several text compare tools on the internet and most of them are not completely dependable. The Prepostseo text compare tool is one of the finest alternatives. It offers various exclusive benefits to the users including the following.

  • Multiple options to perform comparison

If you are using the Prepost SEO text compare tool, the comparison tool can be performed using multiple methods. One of them is uploading the document directly. This tool supports various commonly used document formats including.DOCX and PDF. You can simply upload the document you have prepared and the one with which the comparison has been performed. After that, simply perform the comparison and all the copied areas would be shown to you. Another option is pasting the content form. The comparison can also be performed by entering URLs. In a nutshell, this tool offers several flexible options to the user.

  • Completely free online tool

If you talk about students, they use several sources for writing an assignment. Thus, they have to compare several documents while the assignment is being compiled. Hence, they need a tool which does not have any restrictions in terms of usage. For instance, some tools allow limited users only. You can perform one or two comparisons after which a payment is required. The Prepost SEO tool does not have this limitation. You can perform as many comparisons as you want without making any payment. Also Read: Download iMovie for Windows PC


A lot of students do not know that submitting copied content is penalized a lot. In most cases, assignments are rejected and students are rusticated. This situation can only be avoided if you are using a proper document checker. This tool solves all kinds of problems that students face. For instance, you do not need to think about skipping any part that had to be rephrased. Students do not need to check the content and spend several hours for this purpose. This is certainly not required if you are using a high standard text compare tool. These tools are beneficial for teachers as well who need to check several assignments at the same time.

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